Thursday, February 04, 2010

Power of Observation:

A quiz of things you see everyday.

This one's for you AD. Are you brave enough to take the quiz? And then post your score?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Revel in the Mundane

Trying to take some time to appreciate the little things. A recap of the minor, but beautiful, from last week.

Monday: 30 extra minutes in my workout thanks to the guy who walked in an took the bike next to mine.

Tuesday: A picture, even if only for me employee id!, that I thought truly looked like me, and I found "acceptable," and it only took one take!

Wednesday: The realization that I really do want to go back to school - it just felt right!

Thursday: A surprise lunch invitation from Matt, and he offered to pay! It was so nice to see him excited about school - even if it was chemistry, botany, and some plant imaging thing!

Friday: Slippers under my desk at work that made my day just a little more comfortable.

Saturday: Clean sheets and a new, warm blanket on my bed made me fall asleep feeling like I was floating on a cloud.

Sunday: A hug goodbye from one of my four year-olds at Sunday school.

In the midst of the busy-ness and stress that comes with everyday life, I'm taking some time to revel in the stuff that really matters.