Friday, August 06, 2010

Bless You

Your voice cut through the noise of the market from half a block away. I heard your hands clapping, keeping time. I heard your soulful voice, singing the words of a song I sang as a child. But the joy I heard behind it gave it so much more meaning. I walked further, looked across the street, and saw you smile. And it brought the song to life so much more.

I walked across the street, meaning to just drop a couple bucks in the cup at your feet, and the smile grew on my face as I urged myself to hold it together, but could feel the tears forming in the back of my eyes. I got closer, and saw your smile grow even bigger, as you shook your head ever so slightly, while you kept singing, and you spread your arms out. You reached out to hug me, a complete stranger.

You, a later middle-aged man, who appeared a little down on your luck, but seemingly with more heart and peace than so many others.

Me a younger woman who just an hour earlier was talking about how lucky I am by the worlds standards.

Two strangers, meeting on a corner, drawn together by the words of a simple song.

You sang, “He’s got the whole world, in His hands…He’s got the brothers and the sisters, in His hands…”

In the instant you smiled at me, broke from singing for just a second, put your arms around me, and said to me “Bless you, sister,” I truly felt like I was in His hands. The perspective and joy you gave me in that moment is worth worlds more than the small amount of money I placed in the cup at your feet.

I turned to walk away, with tears now rolling down my face. Changed.

Thank you, brother. Bless YOU.