Monday, March 31, 2008

Nicole's Wedding Dress Scrapbook

I'm in a creative mood tonight, but don't have the energy to really do anything creative. Blogging was about all I could handle. I found these pictures of a scrapbook I made over six months ago. I figured a post on scrapping was almost as good as actually pulling out all my stuff and doing a few pages.

The week or so before Nicole and Justin's wedding (as if that time isn't busy enough), I decided to make Nicole a scrapbook of all the dresses she tried on while we were shopping for the perfect dress for the wedding day. There were plenty of fun (and funny!) dresses to remember. The day before the wedding, while relaxing over lunch at Panera - one of our favorites - and getting ready to get pedicures, I was able to give her the book I made as a birthday gift.

Although the pictures here are a little small, I hope you enjoy! I think she did!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hatin' on Cinderella

So of course I'm disappointed in the result of the Badger game, and in the effort the guys seemed to put forth, but you can't be TOO disappointed in a 31 win season. And as much as I'm hatin' on Cinderella right now, I'll definitely be a Davidson Wildcat at heart come Sunday! Pour on the points against the Jayhawks Curry!

And huge goodbye goes out to the Polar Bear, The Ice Man, Tanner, and of course Mike Flowers. You will be missed! But no worries, the Badgers will be back next year!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who Still Sucks?

Being raised by parents who grew up in the greater Green Bay area (if there is such a thing), I was born to be a Packer fan. And as a Packer fan, there is nothing you dislike more than the Chicago Bears. With that being said, one of the favorite sayings in our house during football season has always been "The (Da' if you're really doing it right) Bears Still Suck!" Regardless of how good a season they are having, they still suck in the Lorfeld house.

However, there may be a team who sucks a little more right now. The Milwaukee Bucks, with a record of 24 - 46, suck quite a bit. Ok, not as much as the Heat (at a terrible 13 - 58).

Just a sign of how bad it is... after Andrew Bogut made the front end of a one-and-one, all of his teammates left him hanging. Flat out ignored him. He resorted to high-fiving himself. Check it out - it's a pretty funny video.

And on the eve of my Wisconsin Badgers' Sweet Sixteen game (Go Bucky!), a note on their opponent: Davidson College. The North Carolina school is paying for a ticket, transportation, and two nights lodging for any student wishing to go to the game being played Friday night in Detroit. Unheard of for a school like UW to do (they wouldn't have to - the student body willingly travels nearly anywhere to support their team), but maybe almost expected for students who pay a whopping $40,000 to attend Davidson.