Monday, July 27, 2009

That kind of woman.

"She wears her heart on her sleeve as big as Texas. She cries big and loves hard and sings like there's no tomorrow... And in her eyes I can see the wings of the angels who loved her up in heaven." -Julie Abbott (a woman whose blog of her artwork I can't seem to find now that I want to)

THAT's the kind of woman I want to be.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dinner Conversation

Last night, over dinner my brother and I discussed...
  • Ideal vacation spots
  • Ideal everyday-life cities
  • Communism vs. Socialism
  • the merits of a Liberal Arts education
  • Nationalized healthcare
  • what kind of uncle he'll be someday

Did I mention this was dinner at the Food Court at East Towne Mall? That's right, all that talk over T-Bell and Sarku baby!

Have I mentioned that I adore this kid?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tagged - more random things about me

I got tagged by Kaitlyn, and because I love the brutal, bare-her-heart honesty of her blog, I'm participating! After you read these (hopefully) 7 new things about me, go check her out!
  1. I love string cheese, but can only eat it as strings (like by peeling it lengthwise, can't just bite into it).
  2. I recently got two new pets - the cats my parents have had for the last 11 years. They live with me now, and except for all the hair they shed and I vacuum up nearly everyday, I love having them around. But even after 11 years of calling them by their names, it's still a little strange to call a pet Ethel (Lucy and Ethel after "I Love Lucy").
  3. When I was in elementary school, my mom and I spent Saturday mornings in the winter at The Rollerdrome (the roller rink in town). I was fairly decent then. Probably not anymore.
  4. I took an entreprenuership class in grad school, and started a mini jewelry business. I'd love to have an Etsy shop now, but am nervous that nothing would sell.
  5. In a golf outing yesterday, I won the Women's Long Drive contest on the 18th hole. (Yes, I'm bragging a bit here...) 275 yards, in the fairway. No lie. It was pretty impressive.
  6. Every phone call with my brother ends with the lines "Love you Brother." "Love you Sister." Just a thing we do.
  7. Moving back to Madison has been one of the best decisions I've made in the past few years, but if I'm honest, it's left me fairly lonely for the past year as well. I'm choosing to learn something from it this time rather than letting it bother me as much as it may have in the past.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Bit of an Update

Still around, just haven't felt like writing or sharing much lately. Hopefully the few of you out there will still be around when I get back. If not... understood.

On a random note... have you seen the Visa commercial about "when is the last time you went to the aquarium, with your daughter, on a Tuesday?" Love it. Completely reminds me of my dad. Granted, I'm 27, not 4 like the girl in the commercial, and it wasn't the aquarium, but my dad and I took days off on Monday to golf. Just the two of us. And it was wonderful. Just one of the little things I love about my dad.

Oh, and I beat him on the front 9. And I pulled off a birdie on 18 to tie him for the round.