Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finding a place to call home...

I still have trouble calling Sheboygan "home," or thinking about being here 10 years from now, so why not take the quiz that helps you "find your spot," at Surprisingly, the one place I still consider and call home is not on the list.... Even more surprisingly, not a single city from the state of Wisconsin made the list!

Let me know if you know anything about any of these places. In reverse order....

20. Fargo, North Dakota/Moorhead, Minnesota – I’m embarrassed that Fargo even shows up on this list!
19. Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, Michigan – funny name, but I don’t know much more...
18. Cedar Rapids, Iowa – the “City of Five Seasons” (?)
17. Elkhart-Goshen, Indiana – I think this is the only place on the list I haven’t even heard of, apparently they make bank instruments and RVs here
16. Lincoln, Nebraska – college town, but… could I become a ‘Huskers fan?
15. Bismarck, North Dakota – North Dakota may be worse than Kansas… size of Sheboygan and it’s the largest population center for 200 miles in any direction (wow, not much else out there), don’t think so.
14. Cleveland, Ohio – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, pro sports teams, bigger than any other city on the list
13. Grand Rapids, Michigan – I’ve heard good things… somewhat close to “home”
12. Omaha, Nebraska – size of the Madison Metro area, college town (x2), museums, the College World Series (yes, I’m a fan of “weird sports”)… I may be able to do Omaha
11. Joplin, Missouri – smaller than Sheboygan, “prime location for retirement” (not yet!), close to Arkansas, Oklahoma, AND Kansas (yikes!)
10. Overland Park, Kansas – … anyone know anything about it?
9. Evansville, Indiana – small town charm, but within 200 miles of St. Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Nashville
8. Kansas City, Missouri – Kansas in the name, but it’s not IN Kansas, major league sports teams, the City of Fountains, and apparently a ton of BBQ restaurants, population of almost 2 million... might be do-able
7. Topeka, Kansas – state capital, but nothing else that is real noteworthy…
6. Sioux Falls, South Dakota – population 120K, ranked as one of the “least stressed” cities, low cost of living, with relatively higher incomes, but I don’t know if I could do South Dakota either
5. Wichita, Kansas – size of Madison Metro area … but it’s Kansas
4. Bloomington, Indiana – small, but a University town (Indiana University)
3. Springfield, Missouri – size of Madison Metro area, Missouri’s “economic and cultural center”
2. Salina, Kansas – smaller than Sheboygan, geographic center of the United States, artsy/agricultural town… but it’s Kansas
1. Columbia, Missouri – halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City, University of Missouri (college town!), population 92K. Supposedly this is the ideal spot for me.... I'm kind of indifferent.

What do you think? Time for me to head out of Wisconsin?


Anonymous said...

Hmm...I am a huge fan of #16 and #12...they are great places to live, not to mention that you could become a Husker fan!! :-)

tracydukefan said...

Ummm...I'm pretty sure I don't have to answer that last question!! Leave Sheboygan? That is crazy talk!! :-)

I took the quiz...very different results...CLT was #6...go figure...