Sunday, February 25, 2007

We're #1!

In case anyone has been under a rock for the last week.... My Badgers are ranked #1!!! (Ok, yes, I know, they are #2 in the ESPN/USA Today poll, but let me bask in my glory for a minute, or a week.) Go Bucky! Or should I say.... Fuck 'em Bucky!

As I type, they are beating Ohio State. Keep your fingers crossed. More updates throughout the game.

Though he's not my favorite, the polar bear just got hurt! Did anyone else see that elbow? I know know that you can dislocate an elbow, but it looked like they were trying to pop it back in somehow... Poor Brian! :( Tears!! :( :( And they called the block on Brian on the play! That makes it hurt even more. Another Butch note... Krabbenhoft got the start over Brian today.... Way ta go Joe! (I like him better.)

Halftime report: Down by 3, but can't complain about that. Mike has to pick it up a little too. Have to like the rebound situation more than last Tuesday though!
Ok, I just lost my satelite signal (probably because of the snow that finally started to fall outside), thus, no game. Until I found it on the local station. That means I'm watching it through shitty reception, but I guess it's better than not seeing it at all.
J Bo has started to turn it on now... "That's the uncousious nature of an 18 year old." Knocking the 3's down! We need that!
Oden can keep turning the ball over too, that's fine with me!
Down by 1 with 2:00 to go... No more blogging until the game is over. I have to watch a little closer!
Sad... :(

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