Saturday, May 31, 2008

A low key, fabulous night.

For as much exciting stuff has been going on in my life lately (Including a trip to Mexico, promotion at work, just overall getting stuff done - which probably isn't exciting to anyone but me. More on all of that stuff later.), I chose tonight to blog about just a really fun night.... Leaving work early to play a quick round of golf. And I shot a 36! (Ok, it was a par 3 course, but still, bogey golf makes this girl happy!) 2 hours of free, cosmic bowling in Sheboygan Falls. (I'm a terrible bowler, but it was still a good time!) And a fun, late, dinner at Chili's with friends to end the night. (Including a challenge to eat a black bean burger fajita. I didn't eat it myself, but witnessed it.) Thanks E, A, J, and S!

Today was one of those days that made me think living in Sheboygan for awhile wouldn't be all bad. Which just makes things more confusing... But I won't worry about that tonight. That can wait for another day.

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