Thursday, July 10, 2008

A bit of a whirlwind

Life has been a little crazy lately. About three weeks ago, I accepted a job back in Madison. Those of you who know me well at all, know that I'm a Madison girl at heart. 23 years there, 3 in Sheboygan, and I'm heading back in two days.

I've been at Kohler for the past three years, and they have been really good to me. My career has gone well, and I've been blessed to be in the good graces of some amazing people there who have taught me a ton. Sheboygan has become more comfortable. My church is great. My friends are great. So why move?, you ask.

Madison is home. It's where my heart is. It's where my family is. It's where I want to be long term.

There's no way I can say the decision to move home was an easy one. The past three weeks have been tough (and not just because of all the packing I have to do - and I have a lot of crap!), saying goodbye to friends, and trying to explain the pull to move back to Madison. Luckily, most of the people who I care about understanding, really do understand without much explanation. Thank you to all of you. You have made the past three years a great experience, and have blessed my life in ways you may never know.

I'll be back to Sheboygan. There are already plans to be back in about a month. And I know there are a lot of places to stay anytime I need a weekend (or weekday for that matter!) fix of She-Vegas!

Back to the packing for a little longer, before my last day at Kohler, and life in Madison begins again!

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