Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Notes on a Couple Families

I've been posting a string of sentimental posts lately... so here goes another one.

I was back in Madison this past weekend. Not for anything in particular, just because it was a free weekend where I could spend some time with the fam. I just realized, again (why do I forget it sometimes when I'm not around them for awhile?), how blessed I am with the family I have. We just got to spend a lot of time together, hanging out - a trip to the Farmer's Market, a little shopping, cooking out a couple times, mini golfing, real golfing, playing cards. Nothing spectacular in and of itself, but together made for a great, relaxing weekend. So, thanks Mom, Dad, and Matt! Love you guys!

Another note about an awesome family (not mine personally, but related to me!). I met a beautiful, 15 month old little girl tonight, who for only the past week has been with a family who truly loves her and is taking care of her. It's a story that first breaks your heart, and then restores hope that there are caring people who are willing to sacrifice a little to help someone else out. To make a long story a little shorter, C. has a relative who had 12 children, but has since decided that she is unable (or unwilling) to take care of them and needed to get rid of them. This sad situation came to a head last week when a 5 year old girl was found by police, unable to tell them where she lived, she was taken into protective custody, when about 15 hours later her mother finally reported her missing. Thankfully, the courts realized they needed to get all of these children out of their living situation. D. and C. were called as potential foster parents, and in one of the most selfless acts I could think of, agreed to parent this 15 month old girl who desperately needed a safe place to live, without a second of hesitation. For the past week, she has been in their home with them and a big sister who love her like crazy, and are looking forward to the possibility of adopting her sometime in the future. While the act of the first mother is completely unthinkable, the awesome love of D., C., and S. is even more amazing, and makes me so thankful that I have people like them in my life! Can't wait to see more of you guys and your new little girl!

While not such good news, please keep a couple families in your thoughts and prayers. The L.'s and the B.'s (for their sake, I want to keep their names private) could definitely use it... I'll be thinking of you guys.

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