Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Update on the Job

*Disclaimer: Beware that this post may get a little sentimental, and features a few well deserved shoutouts.

Well I haven't blogged about it before, but I've taken a new position at work. I'm making the jump from finance/accounting to marketing. Even though this whole switch has been in the works for over a month now, I hadn't realized, until this week, how much it would affect me.

There are definitely things about my job in accounting that I will be glad to be rid of. A lot of the technical stuff I do is not what keeps bringing me back everyday. I don't think, however, that I realized how much I appreciate the relationships I've made while in my position.

I'm gonna miss the guys I work with! A.D, and T.F. - as much shit as you guys give me, I've grown to love it! While I know all the harsh comments they've made to me about leaving the department are in fun and well intentioned, I don't think you guys realize that leaving you isn't going to be easy! I won't miss loading China P&L's, or dealing with T-Bone's "little assignments", but the absence of stupid comments, and daily news deliveries (which I just learned today will stop when I'm no longer in finance -is that true Andy??) will definitely leave a hole in my day at work.

Here's hoping things won't change too much, and I won't be completely forgotten. And in honor of my ACT being signed, and the whole move being official, here's the Top 5 things I'll miss the most about Engines Accounting.

5. Status?
4. L.R. beating a path down the hallway with some random, crude joke, or comment about hurricane/himmicane. Wait... I'll be even closer to him now that I'm in Marketing. Oops.
3. Are your greenbook pages done yet?

Time Out.... I won't really miss any of those things. But these, I will. Sincerely this time.

2. "Cognizant" "Ascertain" "Expunge" "Preconception (foreplay?)"
1. My great co-workers. Thanks guys!

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