Monday, September 04, 2006

A brother can make a girl's day

Life has been busy lately, with a new job, a vacation, a new little sister (with Big Brothers Big Sisters! Calm down!), and I'm sure there's more going on, but updates on all that stuff will come eventually. Just a quick post on one of those little things that happened this weekend that just make my day (or a few days even).

I went back to Madison this weekend to see Matt's football game (against West, LaFollette won 21-0!) but didn't get home in time to see him before the game. I'm not sure if he saw be during the game or not, but he definitely saw me after. I was hanging around by the bus waiting for the guys to come out of the locker room with the parents who brought the post game bag lunch stuff, when these big, gross, sweaty football players started streaming out, swarming the coolers looking for food. I wasn't even really paying attention, when one of them started jogging right towards me. My little (ok, he's pretty big) brother, ran right up to me after the game, passing by all the other guys, the parents, even the food, and gave me a huge hug saying hi and thanking me for coming. At that point, the fact that he was soaked in sweat and smelled horrible didn't matter. The fact that he was my brother did. I don't know if he knows how much it meant to me (I think he does - as much as my being there meant to him), but in that moment, my 16 year old brother made my weekend.

Thank you Matt. I love you brother!


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the brother said...

Katrina, I am soo glad I have a great big sister like you. I know its a long drive, since i've done it before, from Sheboygan to Madison and you do it as much as possible...I love you and your the greatest.