Sunday, September 24, 2006

So it's been a long time

I realize I haven't blogged in forever, and for those devoted readers out there, hopefully you haven't been holding your breath for an update on what's been going on in my life. If you have, I apoligize.... but I may disappoint you again. I feel like I have to give myself a somewhat public lecture for being way too hard on myself in some recent life situations.

I've been giving people who really don't mean that much to me way too much power to influence the way I feel about myself. I've wasted way too much energy on worrying about what these same people think, and being concerned about living up to their expectations, when 1) I'll never be able to do that given that I don't even know what those expectations are, and 2) even if I did, it really wouldn't matter. Granted, these are people who have definitely had a place in my life and heart at some point in the past, and have given me experiences in which I learned about myself, and the way I want my relationships to work. They've taught me valuable lessons, but, for all intents and purposes, have come and gone from my life, yet I let their hold on me remain. The fact that I'm not getting anything from them, but letting them take from me - energy, time, and peace of mind - has weighed heavy on my heart lately, and is definitely the struggle of the day/week.

Thanks for letting me get that out there.

Now for a little fun after being a little hard on myself (in an effort to NOT be so hard on myself), a random poll.

What's the best reality tv show on the air this fall? OR... is the reality tv craze over and you don't care about any of them?

Post your answers in the comment section! My answer (in case anyone cares) after 5 answers have been posted first!


AndDro said...

Laguna Beach, like totally without a doubt

Anonymous said...

A man once needed help, so he went to a zen master. He told the master 83 problems all of which were personal. The master said I can only help you with your 84th problem. And that was the problem of needing to fix all the other 83 problems.