Thursday, August 21, 2008

A few Olympic thoughts...

1. Michael Phelps = amazing. I just hope he doesn't screw up again like he did right after Athens with his DUI. Also, a bit of fun trivia... Phelps and Coach Bowman are being honored at Michigan (before they skip town to head back to Baltimore) at the Sept. 27th game against Wisconsin! (Working on getting tickets to be there! Not for Phelps, but for the Badgers of course!)

2. There is no way those Chinese girls are 16. And leave it to the US computer experts to uncover documents to prove it. How do you feel about them losing medals if it's true? 4 years ago when there was controversy in men's gymnastics (regarding start value of a routine by a Korean), the US was the beneficiary (with Paul Hamm getting the gold). We didn't want them to look at the facts after the fact then. As disappointing as it would be if the Chinese were actually using younger girls (both because we took second to them, and because of the toll it has to take on those poor girls both physically and emotionally being used by their country in that way), I'm not sure that I'm ready to ask them to be stripped of their medals. Any thoughts?

3. I feel terrible for the US women's softball team in their loss to Japan today. It's sad enough that the sport won't be making an appearance in the 2012 games, but it just makes it worse to have their first ever loss be in the gold medal game.

4. Usain "Lightning" Bolt. Crazy fast, but also crazy immature. The way he won, letting up before the finish line, and dismissing all the other runners completely, kind of takes away from the Olympic spirit. Obviously my argument would be better received if it were from a fellow Olympian, it's just disappointing to see someone with so much talent have so little consideration or respect for others. Maybe I'm overreacting.

5. The commercial for the DVD of the (4 hour long!) opening ceremony says something to the effect of it being remembered and talked about forever. Are you serious?? Sure it was impressive, but I'm willing to bet I won't remember or be talking about it come November! And I'm not spending $20 or whatever it is for the DVD!

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