Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A big thing happened this weekend....

I went to the library, got a new library card, and even checked two books out.

So you're saying to yourself, what's the big thing that happened this weekend Katrina?

If you've ever visited my place in person, you've likely seen something like this:

(that picture doesn't really do it justice...)

Let's just say I have this thing about buying books and making them my own. In the spirit of putting myself on a bit of a budget, I decided that the book buying fund was one that could get cut. At least until I read all of those sitting double-stacked on those shelves. Until then, to the library I go when I need that "new book" fix!

Hey E - see that black box on the low shelf?! ;)


Anita J. said...

Fantastic! I was missing you. I have been going to the Goodwill and PaperBackSwap for my book fixes lately. I have so much fun when I find a book on their 1/2 off tags. I am spending .25 to 2.99 this way, but I am saving SO MUCH MONEY on late fees at the library!

Anita J. said...

BTW, what did you get?

Anonymous said...

I do! :) It looks good!
;) are you missing a few books? I seem to remember more.

P.s. I finished a trip to the beach. What a great storry! I'm on to Eat Pray Love and then its onto the Sisterhood book you let me borrow. I'm so excited!

Miss you!