Saturday, March 28, 2009

A rant about taxes... but probably not what you're expecting.

Maybe it's just because so much of my time lately has been spent doing taxes, but the commercials I've seen for Associated Tax Relief, or Taxmasters, really make me angry!

These people (sure, I know they're actors, but that's beside the point) go on camera, smiling about how they "owed the IRS over $135,000, and Associated Tax Relief saved us over $99,000!"

People... if you owe the IRS, you should pay the IRS! The rest of us do! No, not fun to pay taxes, but do you drive on the roads? Do you appreciate the fact that there are police and fire departments that will help you when you need it? Do you use city water? Because you aren't paying your taxes, I'm paying extra so you can use all of those services! I definitely understand the desire to minimize taxes, but once it's determined what you owe, I kind of expect you to pay it!


Timothy Geithner said...

Right on!

Charlie Rangel said...

This is especially true about rental income on beach properties! It's crazy to think you wouldn't owe tax on that income.

Vice President Biden said...

Paying more in taxes is patriotic.

AD said...

Wow, powerful people are reading this thing... you've apparently really hit a nerve with this topic! I like it! I agree that you should pay what you owe but I would support eliminating mandatory withholding as a way to emphasize the amount of money we pay in and how little we really receive for that money.