Monday, March 02, 2009

Solid colors are predictable.

I've heard my mom describe me as "our safe, predictable" kid. And I've always translated that in my head as "our too responsible, no fun" kid. And to be honest, I have always kind of resented it.

I'm realizing now how right she is.

I like normal.

I like safe.

I like predictable.

And lately, I feel like I've been swimming in a pool of uncertainty, which is not something I deal well with. I like to know what's coming tomorrow. I like to know where I stand with the people in my life. I like to know that the people I love are safe and happy. And it feels like I don't know a lot of those things right now.

So, yes mom, you are right. I may not be as much fun as spontaneity is sometimes, but I think you pretty much know what you're going to get with me.

Another description of me... from my roommate sophomore year of college, describing me to someone else on our floor. She said, "My roommate is the one who always wears solid colors." Just another indicator of the consistency I crave.

Update: A couple "current event" type comments about my desire for normalcy.... 1) I've made myself turn off MSNBC lately because the anxiety all the economic news of late causes isn't treating me well. 2) I would not do well on the Bachelor (not only because of this, but plenty of other reasons as well!). Jason is a dog, a low down dirty dog.

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Anita J. said...

Predictable isn't all bad. Unpredictable friends can drive me nuts sometimes. Be glad you're not flighty. :)