Friday, May 29, 2009


I have a bit of a reputation among some of my friends for watching strange sporting events. Of course, I'd argue that they aren't that weird, and some of them aren't really sporting events. I make a point of watching the three races of the Triple Crown and the Little League World Series along with all the other more normal televised events.

One of the other weird ones I typically watch, is the spelling bee. And it just happened to be on tv last night. I owe my pastor and friend back in Sheboygan, Jeff, a big thank you for letting me feel like a spelling champion. Because of multiple messages I've heard at Crossroads (my church in Sheboygan) about being "lukewarm", not only could I spell the championship word (Laodicean), I could also define it AND use it in a sentence.

So, thank you Jeff, for letting me feel like I could have held my own had I been on that spelling bee stage last night. But more importantly, for helping me understand how important it is that I NOT be like the Laodiceans, and not grow lukewarm, complacent, and indifferent in my faith like they did. But instead grow, seeking God more and more everyday, and living the faith I profess.

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