Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reason #47....

The concept of "best friend" seems to disappear from spoken vocabulary around the age of 19... but it hasn't left the way I feel.

Mine gave me reason #47 (no I didn't count - just estimating) that I love having her in my life yesterday. I got a picture text from her (and if I had a phone with that new-fangled technology that would let me download the picture to my computer you could see it), of a kind of rough looking upholstered chair, asking "How hard would this be to reupholster? It's only $5!" After a phone call and a couple more texts telling her it might be tough, but it would be fun, she came back with "I got it for $1! I'm so excited!" Shortly followed by "I love that I have a friend like you who entertains me with these projects."

I love that too.

And another reason I love her...

She let's me be a part of this sweet girl's life.

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