Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tears rush in.

Life was shaken up recently.

Not mine directly, but life of one of the people closest to me.

My brother Matt was in a car accident two and a half weeks ago, and, being the worrier of the family, it's hit me pretty hard. Not as hard as the car that hit him while he was on his bike. He's a blog reader, and I'm not sure how ok he is with me sharing much here (Matt - don't worry, the readership of this thing isn't huge), and I know this isn't his "method of coping" - something we discussed in some detail at an impromptu family meeting earlier tonight, but... for those of you out there who are on the same page as me, tonight I'm asking for prayer. For healing for him, for patience for all of us, for compassion, and really just a sense of peace that everything is going to work out.

I need this boy to be ok.

And I'm thankful that he understands that tears rolling down my face aren't all bad, and they don't scare him away.

Tonight, there may be more tears. Hopefully in the morning they'll stop for awhile.


Tabitha said...

You can definitely count me in on the prayer team for Matt. Geesh...getting hit by a car while on a bike?? Here's to a speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

You know you have my prayers for you, Matt and your family! Love you girlie!