Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July - Part III

Monday the 3rd was probably the most relaxing day of the long weekend. Nicole was back to Wisconsin from CMU for the long weekend, and invited me up/over to Fond du Lac to hang out. I've learned to never pass up an invite to the VC Lake House - it's bound to be a good time. We spent most of the day on the water. We took the boat up towards Oshkosh to a sandbar they had found, and hung out there for a couple hours - playing a little frisbee in the water, getting some sun, and having some fun with "O." It was great seeing a 2 year old tubing, and loving it! Nicole and Marge got a chance to show off a little while waterskiing too. Later in the evening we just hung out around the campfire for awhile, watching all the fireworks displays along the lakeshore - some close by, and others all the way across the lake. Mark and Peter started setting some fireworks off, but eventually the neighbors took over, with their crazy, multiple person crew, method for setting off a ton at a time. It was definitely a good show - especially for not having to fight crowds or traffic, or get their 3 hours beforehand to get a good spot! (The fireworks weren't quite that big, but i thought the picture was pretty good!)

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