Monday, July 31, 2006

The (Un)Happy Planet - continued-

Apparently world-happiness measures are all the rage lately, as I've come across another article discussing the "happiest country" in the world. (If you're interested -

The British scientist conducting this study didn't care about your life expectancy or how much you're hurting (or helping) the planet - but was more concerned about if you're satisfied with your situation and environment.

Denmark ranked first (followed by Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, and... the Bahamas - wonder why - who wouldn't be happy with soft sand beaches and warm ocean water everyday.) But for happiness, don't look to Burundi. They're probably unhappy because they're lonely - no one even knows they're there (or where "there" is for that matter).

FYI: The United States ranked 23rd out of 178. No mention of where Vanuatu placed.

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AndDro said...

you go to Chicago and the best you can come up with is another planet post?