Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July Weekend - Part II

Sunday was a relaxing day with the family, including Grandma, of bumming around Madison. We went out to The Original Pancake House (have to give a chain restaurant a plug here!) and had some great chocolate chip pancakes, before we went downtown to check out the Monona Terrace, the Square, a little farmers market, and the CowParade art project. This is a pretty cool "public art event" which has traveled the country, but is personalized each year for the community hosting it. This year the cows (fiberglass, painted cows - but they have horns, doesn't that make them bulls?), are on display throughout Madison and a couple surrounding communities, and will later be sold with all proceeds being donated to a local charity - this time the new Children's Hospital being built in Madison. Check out http://wisconsin.cowparade.com/ to see the cows and get some more info on a cool project! We also took a drive through campus, which made me miss being there once again. Overall it was a really relaxing day full of a lot of sun - both of which I needed!

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