Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July Weekend - Part I

First off, a birthday wish. Happy Birthday America! 230 Years and still looking good!

It's fabulous that on our country's birthday, we get a 4 day weekend. Mine was great!

Saturday started off with a trip to Madison with Grandma. The plan was to bring her down so she could see Rhythm and Booms at Warner Park. Saturday afternoon, Kyle called, offering us tickets to the Mallards (www.mallardsbaseball.com) game. Not just any tickets. Tickets to the "Home Plate Suite!" That meant chairs (comfy ones) on a bar in a little deck like thing right behind home plate. It also meant all (and anything) you can eat/drink all night long - with our own waitress in the suite. It was a pretty sweet deal. After the game, the field was opened up for blankets and fireworks watching, so everything was looking good.

I saw my first proposal (well, not for me, but first that I saw of the weekend) at the ceremonial first pitch. You know the deal, girl somehow gets talked into being the one to throw the pitch. She's not really paying attention to the catcher - who cares who he is. Throws the ball, catcher then comes running in, throws off his mask, drops down on his knee and proposes. She seemed sincerely surprised, and it was pretty cute.

Matt and I got some good brother/sister bonding in during the game, and had a great time despite the Mallards losing (and blowing a no-hitter in the 6th inning). With about 2 hours between the end of the game, and the scheduled start of the fireworks, the Mallards hosted a massive kickball game for the kids in the stands (I didn't qualify), which was some great entertainment. About 45 minutes before fireworks launch, the PA announcer came on, and broke the news that the Rhythm and Booms was being postponed until the next night due to storms rolling in. Of course, a few raindrops fell as the "storm" that wasn't really a storm passed over Madison. The biggest bummer was that I couldn't stay to see the fireworks the next night. It was the first time in several years that I missed Madison's biggest 4th of July festival, but I'll definitely be there next year!

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