Friday, September 12, 2008

Take my word for it...

I found this interesting article on today about the 10 Coolest Small Towns. I see number 1, ok, some place in New York. I'm sure it's cool. See number 2 and realize I've been there, Manitou Springs, CO. I agree, it is cool. It sits right at the bottom of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs. I've checked out the shops there, had lunch at one of the little cafes. So far so good with this list. I'm with 'em. Number 3, a little town in Ohio, Yellow Springs, sounds pretty enough. And then.... I look at number 4.

Mazomanie, Wisconsin.

You have got to be kidding.

Been there too. As they say, its 24 miles from Madison. Apparently Erik Torkells (who wrote this section of the article) is enamoured by the artist co-op and the dance studio with a circus camp. A store that sells Wisconsin-made souvenirs (a souvenir from Mazo - exciting!), and even the clothing-optional beach.

I went to this little town every Friday, of every week, of every summer vacation in elementary school, for the weekly trip to the "Mazo Pool" with daycare. I remember the bus ride (that seemed to take forever with three kids to a vinyl bus seat on hot summer days), and lunch at the park shelter, ineveitably swarming with bees, hoping that your lunch didn't get lost on the way, and getting about a half hour in the crazy crowded pool, before making the long bus trip back, only this time in your wet clothes after swimming. Oh, the memories. (*One note: I always feel guilty saying bad things about the daycare I went to as a child, mostly because it was a wonderful place for me to be as a kid. I was lucky enough to go to a Christian daycare, even before that was a significant part of my, or anyone in my family's, life. I had wonderful teachers who loved me, and gave me a safe place to be, where my parents felt comfortable leaving me. They allowed my mom the opportunity to be a better mom by giving her the chance to work and do the things she loved, while still keeping me well taken care of. Thanks CFK!)

Let me tell you from first hand experience. The place isn't that exciting. Save yourself the time, and find a different small town in Wisconsin to experience. I can guarantee you there are better ones.

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Anita J. said...

That made me smile. Thanks for the warning. If I'm ever in Wisconsin, what places would you recommend?