Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Remembering to Trust

I should have blogged yesterday.

Let's start there. I'm going to pretend that today didn't happen for the time being.

God is SO good!!

I've kind of alluded to a lot of the "stuff" that's been going on in my life. Things like feeling a little trapped living back at my parents house, and condo hunting, and car problems. All of these were the things that hit on Saturday, cause a lot of tears to fall, sent me on a hike, and ultimately brought me to my knees calling (and crying) out to Him.

After spending over $1000 on my car (that I just paid off two weeks ago) for repairs, I got it back this last weekend with something else wrong - un-driveable condition wrong. The condo I had found was looking like it was never going to happen, and I was envisioning living at my parents forever. (I realize that was a little irrational, but a lot of what I think is irrational.)

Fast forward two days. On Monday, life started coming together in an amazing way. I took the car back in, and in very mechanical terms they explained that they had messed something up, and they rebuilt my brakes entirely, at their cost. The condo negotiations started to come together... and here's the big news... we actually have a deal! (Much more on that to come, but for now let's keep it at the stuff that's even bigger on my mind right now.) Monday night was my first "Life Group" meeting (aka Small Group), which just gave me some much needed fellowship. It made me hopeful for relationship possibilities here in Madison.

On Tuesday, the way God was (and still is!) working was SO clear! All day long, it was like He was saying directly to me, "Kate, do you see how much I love you?," "Do you trust me now?," "Do you see how big I am? None of this is too big for me to handle if you'll just let me." It was so obvious the way He had His hand on me, loved me, and was working His good plan for my life.

It's much easier to see Him working when He works things out the way we want Him to. It's much tougher when things don't go the way we planned.

It's days like today that we need to remember days like my Monday.

Without giving you too many of the teary, confusing details... With the way the economy has been spinning out of control, the condo loan I had planned on and built my budget around is no longer available, and the options are more limited, and more expensive. Long story (which I can't go into without more tears that I'm not ready to shed) short, I'm going forward, prayerfully, with the condo. Everything else says do this. And I'm learning to trust Him. I'm a "numbers girl" at heart (who else loves spending her days looking at spreadsheets and databases?), and have spent the night playing with my budget, and figuring out how to make it work. No huge worries, I'll be ok, just with a few changes in the way I live.

In a way, it's exciting to see how God will work and make Himself known through all of this. Today I'm convinced that He has a good plan for me, and I can't wait to see what's coming my way next. Tonight, I'll fall on my knees, praising Him for all the ways He is so good, and trusting Him with everything that comes next.

One other note and request for all of you out there in my blog-world of friends.... remind me of this post next time I'm freaking out, trying to do it alone, doubting Him.


Anita J. said...

Praise HIM!!! Awesome news. The joy and refreshed feeling just leaps off the page. I am happy for you Katrina.

And I will be glad to link you right back to this post with my refreshed html skills.

I am so glad you shared that post. I am in a similar situation and it is wonderful to hear a testimony like that. Thanks for taking the time to praise Him so that the rest of us could hear it.

tracydukefan said...

Consider it bookmarked!! I'm glad everything is working out and glad you feel good about taking the leap. God is good - even when we doubt Him!!

Anita J. said...

What's happenin' Katrina? Hope all is going well. Thank you so much for praying for me! I walked for twenty minutes yesterday...AMAZING difference. God is SO good.

Thanks again and again...