Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Car Continued

So some of "my readers" out there know about the ongoing car trouble I've been having lately, so I thought I'd give an update.

It all started with a little puddle, something seemed to leak from the rear end of my car occasionally.

This little leak has turned into a $950 problem.

Who knew replacing a pinion seal (and "torquing" the nut on the "casing" a little too tight - I think those are the right words) could end up requiring a whole new "rear end" (that doesn't seem like a technical enough term when dealing with cars). Long story short, I've learned more about bearings and pinions and crush sleeves and casings than I ever intended, and my wallet is $950 lighter.

I was sick all day thinking about how much this thing was going to cost me, and now that the car isn't making weird noises or leaking rear end fluid, I'm sick about going back to the guy who messed things up in the first place and telling him he cost me an extra $800. Yuck!

One more rant.... on the love it or hate it show "The View." Good riddance to Star Jones. Merideth Viera will be missed (but I'm glad I'll get to see her more often anyway now that she'll be on Today rather than the 10:00 talk show), and I don't know that Rosie O'Donnell is the best replacement, but Star should have moved on awhile ago. I just hope (with her being a lawyer and all) that MSNBC doesn't pick her up to replace Dan Abrams on his old show!

*Breaking News (meaning I just heard it)* on Star Jones: Jones originally said that she would not be renewing her contract in the middle of July, implying she would be on the show for another couple of weeks. Looks like Babs has given her the boot effective immediately because her comments off camera have made it "uncomfortable for us to pretend that everything is the same at this table" - no more Star! (Her picture is nowhere to be found on The View's website - they're quick on that stuff!) It's down to three co-hosts. Rock on Babs, Elisabeth and Joy!

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