Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A few Inauguration Day thoughts

  • What kind of gift could Michelle Obama have brought to Laura Bush in that pretty white box with a bright red ribbon?
  • What were Maila and Sasha up to all morning? (I'm a sucker for the family story.)
  • As Bush and Obama rode in that crazily armored car on the way to the Capitol, what could they have possibly been talking about? Weighty stuff or small talk?
  • I don't really remember hearing the "peaceful exchange of power" phrase before, but it is a pretty remarkable thing that one man, representing one party, willingly (well, at the will of the people) hands over leadership of the most powerful country in the world to another man, representing a different political party. In other parts of the world, that control isn't passed in such a friendly way.
  • How does the whole move into and out of the White House happen? That's a big place to empty out in a short time.
  • H.W. Bush could have done better than the bright yellow turtleneck and purple sweater. And I don't say that only because I can't stand the Vikings. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, is in her green (gloves) and gold. Hmm.... Packer fan from Chicago?!
  • I love it that Malia Obama pulled out her own camera to start taking pictures. I bet she'll have access to some great ones, but at 10, it's so much more fun to take your own.
  • Barack Obama looks so incredibly calm, in the face of some huge challenges facing this country. His demeanor alone makes me feel a little better.
  • The majority of the million or so people crowding the National Mall today won't hear a word that is said or see a thing that is happening (aside from on screen). But they are still there, weathering the cold, purely out of excitement and hope for what happens today. That's cool.
  • Interesting that the oaths for President and Vice President are so different.
  • The ceremony and pageantry are over. The real work begins. Regardless of your political tendencies, can we all agree to hope and pray for the best for our country and new president?

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