Sunday, June 11, 2006

I wish there were something exciting to report, but things have been a little boring lately, so this is my cop-out for not having updated the blog in the past week and a half. In honor of going to the Brewer game on Friday night...

Top 5 Favorite (personal) Sports Memories - Little League days through High School sports are fair game.

5) Wasting a whole day of softball practice learning to climb and jump fences - with lessons from Coach Walters after he was appalled at how we were doing it.

4) Comments like "This ain't no Jenny Jones Show!" or "This ain't no disco!" from the basketball coach (who was later "let go" for hitting on some girls on the team) when we were talking too much during practice.

3) Spending whole practices running laps around the fieldhouse after a bad game, and watching AB run right out of the gym to the locker room because she knew our coach (the same one mentioned in 4) above) couldn't come in there to find her. Looking back, he probably wouldn't have had a problem walking in.

2) Spending summers at the Kennedy Little League fields, either playing, umpiring softball, or working the concession stand, and thinking we ran the place (we were about 13 years old).

1) Golf practice at Yahara and getting hit in the head with a golf ball hit by Rachel Quinn from about 125 yards out, a mild concussion and black eye, and ZB laughingat me hysterically as I was caught blindsided by being asked to Homecoming (and agreeing to go without understanding what I was doing, or at least without being able to think clearly enough to know what I had done).

I know there are some LHS folks out there that remember these... Any other good stories? Discuss...

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