Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Wednesday night...

and that means it's time for the obligatory Wednesday night post!

This week has been the GPG finance conference, which has ended up being much more exciting than it sounds! You're thinking "Wow, a bunch of accountants sitting around discussing financial statements, I'm sure it was exciting!" Throw a trip to the spa and some food poisoning in there and things get a little more interesting!

Yesterday's lunch featured a Chinese buffet - sounds harmless enough. I've gone to those cheap Chinese, all -you-can-eats before, no problem! Now if it were Engines, I might have expected that we would be able to mess up something as simple as a Chinese buffet, but it was TAC - they know how to do these things, they serve food everyday, improving that level of gracious living! But...suffering through a morning and night of food poisoning isn't my definition of "gracious living."

To make matters worse, today was the day we finally got to play a little at the conference. After sitting through all those presentations by accountants, it was time to have a little fun - either in the form of golf or a trip to the Waters Spa. I wasn't about to let this little bout of food poisoning mess up my massage appointment. I was lucky enough to be feeling ok throughout the afternoon so I could enjoy my massage and time around the pools and hottubs. Napping in a soft terrycloth robe, taking a swim in the pool with the waterfall, and relax in the rooftop hottub, not to mention a 50 minute massage that was fabulous!

Somehow the timing of being sick was perfect, in that it let me enjoy my afternoon - but took me out all morning and night tonight! I guess it's better that way than the opposite.

One last note, the car is back at Gasper's for the real fix now! That saga should be over by tomorrow afternoon!

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AndDro said...

Gasper's strikes again and keeps you from having a fixed car!!! Make it to Madison safely.