Monday, June 12, 2006

So apparently something is wrong with my car. Or at least there might be something wrong with my car. Or maybe nothing is wrong with my car. But I don't know which one!

There's some "stuff" leaking underneath my car. It will randomly leave puddles of something in parking spots - but not always! And what is the "stuff"? I have no idea!

I understand the way to solve this little problem is to have someone look at the car. But who? I don't know that I know anyone here who would be able to help me (if you're anywhere near Sheboygan and know anything about cars, please let me know!), so some mechanic seems to be the only option.

Let's see.... dirty, gross, oftentimes sketchy car places (what do you call them?!) are not tops on the list of places a 23 year old woman wants to go! Talk about a good possibility of getting ripped off (not just for getting the problem fixed, but I'm definitely anticipating having to pay someone just to look at this stupid leak) and feeling completely out of place. This is exactly what some guy is supposed to be helping me with - or doing for me! If you didn't get this yet.... Not Happy About The Car Situation! Anyone want to help?

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