Thursday, June 15, 2006

You can't make these things up.

If the names Lark Voorhies, Elizabeth Berkley, Mario Lopez, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and Dustin Diamond mean anything to you, keep reading.

Screech Powers, of Saturday morning NBC fame (and now TBS reruns) from Saved by The Bell is in the news once again.

Dustin Diamond has been living in Wisconsin these days, just down the interstate in Port Washington in fact. Problem is, his monthly payments for airings of SBTB aren't enough to make his house payments!

Screech's $250,000 house is in danger of being foreclosed. He has resorted to shameless self promotion in the form of t-shirts with his mug on them to make the payments, or lose his home. (He would definitely make my list of favorite homeless people then - see post from a couple weeks ago!)

Check out the story, but please, I beg you, don't buy the shirt!

One last, SAD, note: I have two Saved By The Bell posts in the last month. Pathetic.

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