Wednesday, December 03, 2008

21 days

...until Christmas. And I'm not at all in the mood. I realize it's not about the lights, or the tree, or the fun pink wreath I have. It's not about the shopping, or the songs on the radio. But all of that stuff that provides a little atmosphere always makes it easier for me to start focusing on the real reason we celebrate. I often get so wrapped up in the to-do lists, that I miss the miracle of the baby Jesus. And even more so, I lose my focus on the grown-up Jesus. At this point, this is as far as I've gotten on getting my house ready for Christmas.

I'm praying I'll do a little better at getting my HEART ready for Christmas.

1 comment:

tracydukefan said...

Believe it or not - that plant represents more Christmas than what is on display at my house! Although the music is very prevalent!!