Monday, December 08, 2008

My brother just offered me $2 rent per month to keep a snake (preliminarily named Sam, Sam the Snake) at my house. The offer quickly increased to $12, which he said was "3 times his orignal offer." No, don't worry, your math isn't wrong, his is. And no, don't worry, the snake will not be showing up at my place.


Anonymous said...

lol...great story! I have to say that I'm kind of glad that there wil not be a snake there next time I come to visit! ;)

Love you and miss you!

Anita J. said...


My son wants a snake. A corn snake. I love corn, so his choice is no doubt aimed at the chink in my armor.

I am telling him how much more fun a beagle would be. Maybe your brother can trade for a maltese. Wouldn't that be more fun? Tell him you'll keep a maltese for $6.00 a month.

tracydukefan said...

This post even eeks me out to read. A your house!! Good decision K!