Saturday, December 27, 2008


Walking into my place tonight, arms full with boxes given to me by people who completely love me, I couldn't help but get frustrated when I had to lean just the right way to get my keys out of my pocket by myself, and get the door open, stumbling in the dark because there was no way I would be able to flip the light switch. I couldn't help but notice the quiet here, with no one else changing out of the holiday clothes to get comfy and ready for bed. No one else to laugh about the funny things we talked about during the day.

The holidays tend to do this to me, and I'm struggling to find the balance between enjoying the reason we celebrate, and just wishing it were over so life would be back to normal, and I wouldn't feel quite so UN-normal.

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Tabitha said...

I was in a similar funk too this year. I think mine was related to the fact that I rarely saw any sun due to all the snow, I had stopped exercising and I was reading the Twilight books. I've been running some the past week and it's helped boost my spirits. Finished Twilight books two days before Christmas. They were a fun read, but kind of dark and gloomy sometimes. Kind of rubs off on you.