Thursday, December 11, 2008

Update on the snake...

Since the post about the snake has gotten the biggest response of all posts lately, I thought I'd give you an update....
Via comments and phone calls, the vote so far is:

3 votes against the snake
1 vote for the snake (with a fairly long phone call in support of it)
1 vote for a dog

Now for the most important vote of all, mine, I vote against the snake, and for a dog... in a few months. I'm not trying to house-train a dog during a Wisconsin winter! Eventually there will be a puppy here, along with a ton of pictures on the blog.


Anita J. said...

A puppy! I don't blame you one bit for not house training in the winter.

I forgot to ask you, what kind of snake is it? How big?

Anita J. said...

Wait a minute. I just read that again. Your brother doesn't have the snake now? He will get it if you say yes? OH my goodness. Does he have big brown eyes (your brother, not the snake). This just sounds like the kind of request that might be made by a boy who grew up flashing big brown eyes at people. (I'm married to one of those boys.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a puppy!!! So excited! :)