Saturday, December 06, 2008

Need a smile?

A little progress is being made on getting my house ready for Christmas! Today the Christmas music was on, the tree and Nativity went up, and I took some Christmas card pictures.

After taking about 20 pictures hoping to find one that would work for the card, I was definitely having one of those "Wow, every picture of me looks like crap," days. And those kinds of thoughts tend to start to spiral fast. In the process of running a few errands, I stopped at the gas station. Today, in addition to my caffeine boost, I got myself a little much needed self-esteem boost too. The sweet girl working at the Citgo just stopped in the middle of my transaction, smiled at me, and said "Your hair looks really pretty!" I realize how simple that sounds, but she made my day. I hope someone made you smile today.

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