Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What's your favorite late night snack?

If you ever lived in the dorms at UW-Madison, you probably recognize this box.

A late night order from Ed's or Carson's and one of these babies shows up at your door. This particular box showed up at my door on Sunday night, thanks to my little brother living in the dorm, experiencing the deliciousness that is Juston Sticks himself, and remembering how much I said I liked them!

I got to enjoy some myself the past few days, thanks to an order from Matt big enough to give me leftovers for a couple nights! (*Update: I realize how gross this may look in the picture. Trust me, they're wonderful.)

Thanks Brother! Love you!


Anita J. said...

OH my goodness! All that cheesy goodness looking all greasy and crispy. If I lived close to you I would definitely help you eat those leftovers!

Anonymous said...

I think they look soooo good! That was so sweet of Matt!

Love ya!