Monday, December 08, 2008

Two fun things I love about my family...

1) I love that all four of us, in three different houses tonight, on four different TVs, watched the same show, and called each other within 10 minutes saying pretty much the same thing - "This show is hilarious!" The L's love them some Boston Legal! Too bad tonight is the series finale! :(

2) I love that last night, while picking out our Christmas tree and taking our annual Christmas card picture at the tree lot, we managed to have enough fun to make a scene and have everyone wondering what was going on. (We even got a decent picture out of it!) And then had some fun with our waiter at Applebee's - enough that he started taking cheap shots at us while bringing us our order. I'm sure if I tried to tell the story here, it wouldn't come across nearly as funny as it really was, so I won't try, but I'm thankful for those nights where we can just completely enjoy each other's company and senses of humor.

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