Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Tree Pictures!

The prospect of being snowed (or iced) in tomorrow has calmed me down a little and given me some room to breathe. I'm sure I'll be checking my work email throughout the day, but the fact that I'll be home has helped me feel like I can get a few of the things on my personal to-do list done during the day. It bummed me out that decorating my tree seemed like a chore this year, when it's something I normally love to do. Tonight, in my relaxed, breathing easier mood, the tree is now looking a little more like Christmas to me. Just a warning that it's not really your traditional Christmas tree, but when it comes to Christmas, I'm much more a pink and lime green girl than red and green!

Christmas Tree in my living room.

Jingle bell tree in my bedroom.

And a picture from the Christmas tree lighting I missed in Sheboygan!

And just because shoes are fun....

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Anonymous said...

I love it and it's as beautiful as ever!Did you get a new tree topper??? :) Hope you are enjoying your snow day love! If I weren't at work and we lived closer I would say its a great day for sledding!!!